Skid Row – Live In London

Release date: 20/09/2024


Skid Row

Live In London

In their storied 35-year career, Skid Row have never released an official live album… until now.


2LP (Limited Edition), CD/DVD


Release date: 20/09/2024
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In their storied 35-year career, Skid Row have never released an official live album… until now.

Skid Row experienced a meteoric return in 2022 with their album “The Gang’s All Here” and euphorically received live performances around the world with singer Erik Grönwall. The absolute highlight was their sold-out show in October at the 02 Forum Kentish Town, London. Everyone who saw Skid Row on that tour – and particularly that show – knew it was something special. And so did the band. “As teens, we dreamt of playing places like the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ and CBGB in New York City… our dreams became bigger with London, England at the forefront. We fantasized one day to headline a show in the very city where so many of our favorite bands came from. Dreams do come true. Welcome to the Skid Row live album 35 years in the making” – Snake, Rachel, Scotti, Rob, Erik That headlining London show was filmed and recorded in the highest quality standards and is now available for fans worldwide. Those who were lucky enough to have been there can relive the experience. Those who were not will see and hear what they missed – a peak performance from a band firing on all big guns in one of their many moments of glory.

The set list is classic Skid Row with so many emotional and musical highlights for the fans and Skid Row. This is the record of a beloved band conquering their beloved London on their own terms, where they played to 100,00 people at Wembley Stadium in 1991 (opening for Guns N’ Roses). The songs from “The Gang’s All Here,” the album that won back old fans and won over new fans are just as energetically received as “Monkey Business,” “Slave to the Grind,” the eternal “18 and Life” and a classic take on The Ramones’ “Psycho Therapy.” This is truly an essential addition to any Skid Row fan’s collection.

Format – CD/DVD & Limited Edition 2LP

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1. Slave To The Grind
2. The Threat
3. Big Guns
4. 18 And Life
5. Piece Of Me
6. Livin’ On A Chain Gang
7. Psycho Therapy
8. In A Darkened Room
9. Makin’ A Mess
10. The Gang’s All Here
11. Riot Act
12. Tear It Down
13. Monkey Business
14. I Remember You
15. Time Bomb
16. Youth Gone Wild


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