• Alex Cameron - Miami Memory

RELEASE DATE - 13th September 2019

Alex Cameron’s newest and most musically expansive LP, the glistening Miami
Memory, takes a surprising turn. Cameron’s flair for narrative and character
are still on full display; yet Miami Memory’s most frequent narrator is, for the
first  time,  Cameron  himself—singing  with  stunning  candor  of  his  three-year  
relationship with his girlfriend.

“When you listen to these songs, and you’re waiting for the twist, or the joke,
or any kind of discomfort, I can assure you none of those things were there
when I wrote them,” says Cameron. “These are true stories, of actual events.
Specific but never esoteric. And graphic but never offensive.

Format - CD, Cassette & LP


1. Stepdad
2. Miami Memory
3. Far From Born Again
4. Gaslight
5. Bad For The Boys
6. End is Nigh
7. PC With Me
8. Divorce
9. Other Ladies
10. Too Far

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Alex Cameron - Miami Memory

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