Terry Callier – Speak Your Peace

Release date: 24/11/2023


Terry Callier

Speak Your Peace

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LP (Limited Edition Transparent Green Vinyl)


Release date: 24/11/2023
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Mr Bongo is thrilled to announce a special RSD Black Friday edition of ‘Speak Your Peace,’ a stunningly beautiful album by the legendary Terry Callier.

This remarkable record not only showcases Terry Callier’s immense talent, but also features production by Bluey (Incognito) and Marc Mac (4 Hero).It includes the single, ‘Brother to Brother’, a song co- written and performed with British musical icon, Paul Weller. This stellar cast of producers and collaborators infuses the album with modern sensibilities while maintaining the integrity of Terry Callier’s unique sound.

‘Speak Your Peace’ is a testament to Terry Callier’s enduring legacy as a singer-songwriter and guitarist. Known for his ability to blend genres seamlessly, here he takes listeners on a transcendent journey through soul, jazz, folk, and blues. His captivating voice and exceptional guitar playing create a musical landscape that is both timeless and profound. This collection of songs tackles a range of themes, from love and introspection to social justice and the human experience. Terry Callier’s poignant lyrics and soul- stirring melodies intertwine, creating a multi-dimensional work of art. It rates with his incredible Cadet work in its vision, articulation, and execution.

Mr Bongo Records is honoured to present ‘Speak Your Peace’ and to celebrate the legacy of Terry Callier and his impact on the musical landscape. ‘Speak Your Peace’ will be available as an RSD November 2023 release with an OBI strip, new cover art designed by Mr Krum, and coloured vinyl.

Format – Limited Edition Transparent Green Coloured Vinyl LP

2 for £25


1. Monuments Of Mars
2. Running Around
3. Darker Than a Shadow
4. Brother To Brother
5. Speak Your Peace
6. Imagine A Nation


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