Starcrawler – She Said

Release date: 16/09/2022



She Said

She Said’ is the third album from Los Angeles Rock band, Starcrawler. Fronted by Arrow de Wilde, guitarist Henri Cash, bassist Tim Franco, pedal steel/guitar player Bill Cash and drummer Seth Carolina, Starcrawler have morphed into a modern day take on LA legends X, with a sprinkle of The Go-Go’s, a smattering of The Distillers and some Rolling Stones sleaze thrown in for good measure. Though defiantly not a record obsessed with the pandemic, the constraints of lockdown mean that ‘She Said’ is Starcrawler’s most considered release to date. These are anthems made for blaring out of car speakers on warm summer night drives with the windows down and the volume up.




Release date: 16/09/2022
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We wanted to make songs on this record for everyone, explains Henri. For people that weren’t just into punk rock. Starcrawler might have broadened their scope, but they’ve definitely not watered down their sound. Known for his work on action and horror movie soundtracks, including the John Wick films, Dawn of the Dead, 300 and Halloweens I and II, the album was produced by industry titan Tyler Bates. Starcrawler met Tyler when he was drafted in to work with them on Goodtime Girl, a stand-alone single for DC’s Dark Nights: Death Metal soundtrack, which the band appeared on alongside the likes of Idles, Mastodon and Chelsea Wolfe. It just sounded so big, says Arrow of the resulting track. It made me think we should do the whole of the new record like a movie soundtrack.

Format – CD

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1. Roadkill
2. She Said
3. Stranded
4. Thursday
5. Broken Angels
6. Jetblack
7. True
8. Midnight
9. Runaway
10. A Better Place


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