Sigrid – How To Let Go

Release date: 06/05/2022



How To Let Go

This is the second album from Sigrid.


CD, LP, LP (Limited Edition Coloured Vinyl)


Release date: 06/05/2022
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This is the second album from Sigrid.

Cast your minds back to January 2020… Feels weird right, like a daydream of a life before the so-called new normal hit. For 24-year-old Sigrid it meant being in LA working on the embryonic songs that would make up the hugely-anticipated follow-up to 2019’s UK top 5 album, Sucker Punch, a firecracker of a debut that built on her BBC Sound of 2018 win and the top 10 success of the pulsating festival anthem Strangers. After returning to Norway, and then back to LA for more experiments in pop alchemy in March 2020, the pandemic hit and suddenly America was a day away from closing its borders. Sigrid escaped back to Norway with the genesis of one very special song under her belt, the disco-ball-shaped Mirror, her glorious, stadium-sized comeback single. “It’s definitely inspired by disco but also I grew up with bands like Muse and that really hard bass reminds me of them,” she says of the song’s ground-shaking intro which, given she was one of 2019’s biggest live acts, owning Glastonbury while also headlining her own sold out UK tour and supporting the likes of George Ezra and Maroon 5, will hopefully be heard vibrating out of a huge sound system in a field very soon.

Lyrically Mirror pulls off that very Sigrid trick of zooming in on the personal while keeping it open to interpretation. While its instantly addictive sky-scraping chorus of “I love who I see looking at me in the mirror” can be seen as a statement on body positivity, for Sigrid it was more about internal struggles after a crazy few years of being in the spotlight ever since she announced her arrival with 2017’s immaculate Don’t Kill My Vibe. Like that song Mirror is another banger that builds armour out of negativity. “Mirror to me is about accepting your personality in all its flaws and trying to not walk around with so much baggage,” she explains. It’s joined on the forthcoming new album by a handful of other songs borne out of having the time to sit and reflect during the pandemic.

Format – CD, LP & Limited Edition Coloured Vinyl LP

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1. It Get’s Dark
2. Burning Bridges
3. Risk of Getting Hurt
4. Thank Me Later
5. Mirror
6. Last To Know
7. Dancer
8. Everybody Says They’re Fine
9. A Driver Saved My Night
10. Mistake Like You
11. Bad Life
12. Grow
13. High Note


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