Richard O’Brien / OST – The Rocky Horror Show ( original Richard O’Brien demos)

Release date: 20/04/2024


Richard O'Brien / OST

The Rocky Horror Show ( original Richard O'Brien demos)

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1 LP - Black Vinyl


Release date: 20/04/2024
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Embark on a jubilant voyage through five decades of musical brilliance as we celebrate the remarkable 50-year milestone of Richard O’Brien’s unparalleled rock ‘n’ roll extravaganza!

This extraordinary first edition vinyl release unveils the meticulously preserved original demo recordings, each intricately interwoven with the captivating narrative insights of maestro Richard O’Brien. These recordings, conceived as a visionary presentation for The Royal Court Theatre, not only secured O’Brien a coveted role Upstairs but also became the catalyst for a historic chapter in theatrical lore.

The Rocky Horror Show, a masterpiece in its own right, proudly claims the title of the world’s longest-running contemporary musical, having enraptured millions and perpetually enchanting audiences on its resplendent international tour. Immerse yourself in the magic of this exclusive gatefold vinyl, a sensory delight adorned with historic revelations, evocative imagery, and intimate liner notes, inviting you to bask in the enduring legacy of The Rocky Horror Show.

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LP Side A
A1 Science Fiction
A2 Over At the Frankenstein Place
A3 Sweet Transvestite
A4 The Sword of Damocles
A5 I Can Make You a Man/Hot Patootie

Side B
B1 Once In A While
B2 Dammit Janet
B3 Rose Tint My World
B4 Hot Patootie (Whatever Happened to Saturday Night)
B5 The Sword Of Damocles
B6 Over At The Frankenstein Place – Live

Bonus Single (TBC)
7″ A1 Superheroes
7″ B1 The Time Warp


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