Golden Earring – The Cut Sessions

Release date: 20/04/2024


Golden Earring

The Cut Sessions

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2 LP - 180g Crystal Water Vinyl


Release date: 20/04/2024
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Originally meant as a ‘goodbye album’, their sixteenth studio record Cut marked Golden Earring’s comeback in 1982. The album’s huge success, both artistically and commercially, heralded a new period for the band.

Exclusively for Record Store Day 2024, The Cut Sessions are available for the very first time. This 2LP offers outtakes, raw mixes, and alternative versions of this landmark album. All tracks have been remastered from the original master tapes and was overseen by Red Bullet catalogue and band archivist Wouter Bessels.

180 gram audiophile vinyl, 2LP on crystal water coloured vinyl, printed inner sleeves, first time on vinyl, outtakes from the legendary Cut album, fully restored & remastered, contains

2 for £25


Side A
1. Future (early version 11-81)
2. Twilight Zone (early version 11-81)
3. Don’t Be Silly (monitor mix 1-82)
4. Lost and Found (instrumental early mix 2-82)

Side B
1. Future (alternate lyrics version 2-82)
2. Twilight Zone (early mix 2-82)
3. Chargin’ Up My Batteries (early mix 2-82)
4. King Dark (early mix 2-82)

Side C
1. Last of The Mohicans (early version 2-82)
2. Jazz – Shadow Avenue (basic track 3-82)
3. Secrets (early mix 5-82)
4. The Devil Made Me Do It (early mix 6-82)
5. Baby Dynamite (early mix 6-82)

Side D
1. King Dark
2. Shadow Avenue
3. The Devil Made Me Do It (7-inch US single censored version)
4. Twilight Zone (instrumental early mix 2-82)


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