Florence + The Machine – Dance Fever

Release date: 13/05/2022


Florence + The Machine

Dance Fever

Florence + the Machine is due to release her 5th studio album ‘Dance Fever’.


2LP (Limited Edition Grey Vinyl), 2LP (Limited Edition), CD, CD (Deluxe)


Release date: 13/05/2022
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Florence + the Machine is due to release her 5th studio album ‘Dance Fever’.

Dance Fever was recorded predominately in London over the course of the pandemic in anticipation of the world’s reopening. It conjures up what Florence missed most in the midst of lockdown -clubs, dancing at festivals, being in the whirl of movement and togetherness -and the hope of reunions to come. It’s the album that brings back the very best of Florence – the festival headlining Boudicca, wielding anthems like a flaming sword.

Dance Fever is an album that sees Florence at the peak of her powers, coming into a fully realised self-knowledge, poking sly fun at her own self-created persona, playing with ideas of identity, masculine and feminine, redemptive, celebratory, stepping fully into her place in the iconic pantheon.

Format – CD, Deluxe CD, 2LP & Limited Edition Grey Coloured Vinyl 2LP

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1.  King

2.  Free

3.  Choreomania

4.   Back In Town

5.   Girls Against God

6.   Dream Girl Evil

7.   Prayer Factory

8.   Cassandra

9.   Heaven Is Here

10.  Daffodil

11.  My Love

12.  Restraint

13.  The Bomb

Deluxe CD:

1.  King

2.  Free

3.  Choreomania

4.  Back In Town

5.  Girls Against God

6.  Dream Girl Evil

7.  Prayer Factory

8.  Cassandra

9.  Heaven Is Here

10. Daffodil

11. My Love

12. Restraint

13. The Bomb

14. Morning Elvis

15. Cassandra (Acoustic)

16. Free (Acoustic)

17. Morning Elvis (Acoustic)

18. My Love (Acoustic)

19. Search And Destroy


Side 1:

  1. King
  2. Free
  3. Choreomania
  4. Back In Town


Side 2:

  1. Girls Against God
  2. Dream Girl Evil
  3. Prayer Factory
  4. Cassandra
  5. Heaven Is Here


Side 3:

  1. Daffodil
  2. My Love
  3. Restraint
  4. The Bomb
  5. Morning Elvis


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