Dead Or Alive – The Pete Hammond Hi-Nrg Remixes (RSD 2024)

Release date: 20/04/2024


Dead Or Alive

The Pete Hammond Hi-Nrg Remixes (RSD 2024)

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2 LP - 140g Transparent Blue and Yellow Vinyls


Release date: 20/04/2024
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Dead Or Alive have sold more than 30 million albums and 25 million singles worldwide and gave Stock Aitken Waterman their first number 1 single in 1985

In the 1980s, they charted seven unique singles in the UK Top 40 with two further re- entries this century, with a remix and original version of ‘You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) Respected US magazine Billboard, ranked them in their all time Top 100 most successful ‘dance artists’ chart.

Working with the Band’s later recordings, legendary producer, Pete ‘Mixmaster’ Hammond, has undertaken a throwback hi NRG remix project, completely replaying and reworking 11 of the Band’s recordings, in the classic 80’s sound.

These remixes are a retro take on those newer songs, as to how they might have sounded To illustrate the complexity of the project, each song is built up of between 130 to 190 track parts i.e. drums, guitars, bass lines, synths and vocals. The album includes remixes of versions of four of their biggest hits, the Japanese 2 hit ‘Hit And Run Lover’, through to their most recent album, Fan The Flame (Part2)

This version is packaged as a 2 LP set, with printed inner bags, containing an intro note with the backstory behind the album’s concept.

2 for £25


You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) 2000 [Pete Hammond Hi NRG Remix] 09:37
Hit and Run Lover [Pete Hammond Hi NRG Remix] 08:28
U Were Meant 4 Me [Pete Hammond Hi NRG Remix] 08:28
Lover Come Back to Me 2000 [Pete Hammond Hi NRG Remix] 08:24
My Love Is on the Line [Pete Hammond Hi NRG Remix] 08:56
Gone 2 Long [Pete Hammond Hi NRG Remix] 08:13
Total Stranger [Pete Hammond Hi NRG Remix] 10:09
Unhappy Birthday [Pete Hammond Hi NRG Remix] 09:26
Something in My House 2000 [Pete Hammond Hi NRG Remix] 08:05
I Don’t Care About Your Heart [Pete Hammond Hi NRG Remix] 08:53
My Heart Goes Bang 2000 [Pete Hammond Hi NRG Remix] 08:30


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