Associates – Sulk (40th Anniversary Edition)

Release date: 13/05/2022



Sulk (40th Anniversary Edition)

Their second studio album Sulk, released in 1982, was the group’s definitive statement, a fascinating blend of lush, New Romantic popcraft and dark, surreal cabaret stylings.


3CD + LP (Limited Edition Blue Colour Vinyl), LP (Limited Edition Blue Colour Vinyl)


Release date: 13/05/2022
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Their second studio album Sulk, released in 1982, was the group’s definitive statement, a fascinating blend of lush, New Romantic popcraft and dark, surreal cabaret stylings. Upon its release, the album was voted the album of the year by Melody Maker.

Billy Mackenzie recalled before his death in 1997, “Sulk was a real liberation. It had the essence of what I’m about. I realized I could create my own sunshine.”

This limited edition 40th Anniversary Bookpack celebrates Sulk with the original album remastered on 140g Blue Vinyl and 3CDs featuring the original album, out-takes, monitor mixes, rarities, Peel sessions plus a previously unheard live show from Gigant in the Netherlands from 1981.

The 12” Bookpack also features exclusive sleevenotes from journalist Simon Reynolds with interviews from Alan Rankine, Michael Dempsey, Mike Hedges & Martha Ludley plus previously unseen photography by Derek Reid, Tom Sheehan & Eveline Dröge.

Sulk (40th Anniversary Edition) is also available as a standard 1LP 140g Blue Vinyl featuring the original album remastered and as a Digital Deluxe Edition, featuring 13 unreleased tracks.

Format – 3CD + LP (Limited Edition 40th Anniversary Bookpack includes 3CD and Blue Colour Vinyl), LP (Limited Edition Blue Vinyl)

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LP + CD1 Sulk: Original Album Remastered

1. Arrogance Gave Him Up (2016 Remaster)
2. No (2016 Remaster)
3. Bap De La Bap (2016 Remaster)
4. Gloomy Sunday (2016 Remaster)
5. Nude Spoons (2016 Remaster)

1. Skipping (2016 Remaster)
2. It’s Better This Way (2016 Remaster)
3. Party Fears Two (2016 Remaster)
4. Club Country (2016 Remaster)
5. Nothingsomethingparticular (2016 Remaster)

CD2 Sulk: Out-Takes, Monitor Mixes & Rarities

1. Ulcragyceptimol (Demo) (2022 Master)
2. I Never Will (Demo) (2022 Master)
3. Club Country (Demo) (2022 Master)
4. Me, Myself and the Tragic Story (John Leckie Recording) (2022 Master)
5. Australia (John Leckie Recording) (2022 Master)
6. Skipping (Monitor Mix Instrumental) (2022 Master)
7. It’s Better This Way (Monitor Mix) (2022 Master)
8. And Then I Read a Book (Alternative Version) (2022 Master)
9. Ulcragyceptimol (2022 Master)
10. It’s Better This Way (Alt Version) (2022 Master)
11. The Associate (2022 Master)
12. A Girl Named Property (2022 Master)
13. Grecian 2000 (2022 Master)
14. Party Fears Two (7″) (2022 Master)
15. Club Country (7″) (2022 Master)
16. 18 Carat Love Affair (2022 Master)
17. Love Hangover (Extended Version) (2022 Master)

CD3 Associates Live

1. Me Myself And The Tragic Story (Peel Session 28/04/81)
2. Nude Spoons (Peel Session 28/04/81)
3. A Matter Of Gender (Peel Session 28/04/81)
4. It’s Better This Way (Peel Session 28/04/81)
5. Ulcragyceptimol (Peel Session 28/04/81)
6. Waiting For The Love Boat (Peel Session 06/03/82)
7. Australia (Peel Session 06/03/82)
8. Love Hangover (Peel Session 06/03/82)
9. A Severe Case of Career Insecurity (Peel Session 06/03/82)
10. Arrogance Gave Him Up (Live at Gigant, Apeldoorn 10/01/81)
11. A Matter Of Gender (Live at Gigant, Apeldoorn 10/01/81
12. Nude Spoons (Live at Gigant, Apeldoorn 10/01/81)
13. Paper House (Live at Gigant, Apeldoorn 10/01/81)
14. No (Live at Gigant, Apeldoorn 10/01/81)
15. And Then I Read a Book (Live at Gigant, Apeldoorn 10/01/81)
16. Gloomy Sunday (Live at Gigant, Apeldoorn 10/01/81)
17. It’s Better This Way (Live at Gigant, Apeldoorn 10/01/81)
18. Skipping (Live at Gigant, Apeldoorn 10/01/81)
19. Australia (Live at Gigant, Apeldoorn 10/01/81)


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