RELEASE DATE - 25th September 2020

A still active UK band on a very active UK indie label, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the albums first release. 'Replenish' was the band's debut album, originally released on the 19th June 1995 via Sony and has not been repressed on vinyl since. The album has achieved Gold status in the UK, having sold over 130k copies. 

Birthing hits including ‘Naked’ and ‘Good Feeling’, Replenish was the album that propelled Reef from the wilds of rural Somerset directly into the limelight. Arriving at a bountiful time for British music, the album provided a welcome counterpoint to the showy displays of Britpop and cemented their status as a band who wrote from the heart, imbued with the influence of Led Zeppelin, Free, and the greats of soul. “We weren’t some wishy-washy band come to fuck about,” explains vocalist Gary Stringer. “We weren’t scared of anything or anyone. We just put it all out there.” After forming at a music college in west London, the band’s rise from jamming in a bedroom of their shared house in Isleworth to prominence was astronomical.

A quarter of a century later, with number one albums countless tours, and a string of massive hits under their belts, Reef are still out there, doing what they’ve always done, passion undimmed.  And Replenish is where it all started. “That record changed our lives,” says Gary. “It’s kids from the countryside coming to the city and saying, ‘This is us, this is our energy, this is what we want to share.’ And people connected with it.”

Format - Limited Blue Coloured Vinyl LP


1. Feed Me
2. Naked
3. Good Feeling
4. Repulsive
5. Mellow
6. Together

1. Replenish
2. Choose To Live
3. Comfort
4. Loose
5. End

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Reef - Replenish - 25th Anniversary

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