• Ned's Acoustic Dustbin - Ned's Acoustic Dustbin

RELEASE DATE - 13th December 2019

New Ned’s Acoustic Dustbin Album “Ned’s Acoustic Dustbin” Twin bass indie-rock band Ned’s Atomic Dustbin* formed 32 years ago to the day and became the third wave of successful Stourbridge band following in the footsteps of Pop Will Eat Itself and The Wonder Stuff.

Fast forward to September 2017 and Ned’s Atomic Dustbin were about to announce their first UK tour for 28 years with Stourbridge mates The Wonder Stuff. Miles and Erica from The Wonder Stuff were ready to play acoustically for a live Facebook broadcast to make the announcement, so Miles suggested that Neds play a couple of their songs acoustically too. “We don’t do acoustic” says Jonn. “We don’t do acoustic” says Rat. “I’ll play guitar for you Jonn” says Miles, cunningly. “No, I’ll play guitar!” says Rat. Ned’s Acoustic Dustbin was born.

Format - CD


1. All I Ask Of Myself Is That I Hold Together
2. Capital Letters
3. Cut Up
4. Grey Cell Green
5. Happy
6. Intact
7. A Leg-End In His Own Boots
8. Song 11 Could Take Forever
9. Spring
10. Stuck
11. To Be Right...
12. Trust
13. You Don’t Want to do That
14. 23hr Toothache

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Ned's Acoustic Dustbin - Ned's Acoustic Dustbin

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